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Dana L.

There are so many options for oils and hydrators, and I am not someone that has any particcular concerns in general. I’m not extra sensitive, or dry, or anything, I just wanted to treat the area. I love it. It absorbs well, kept my natural (good) scent, and seemed to keep things in balance too. No bumps after shaving and using this, I always use aloe gel because oil causes breakouts but not with this. A good lubricant with toys but not sure about with latex since oil breaks down barrier. Anyway, highly recommend and I plan to repurchase, or maybe gift as a woman’s health basket to a friend.

Noel H.

The all day delightful aroma from my vagina is what does it for me with this Yoni oil . This is the best and I highly stress best Yoni oil that I have tried . With only a couple of drops on my panty liner I am off to an amazing day. This Yoni oil does it’s job and then some . I highly recommend this product. Ladies please get your YONI OIL ON �


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