Fruit Blend Yoni Wash
Fruit Blend Yoni Wash

Fruit Blend Yoni Wash

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Send Chemical Bathing Soap back to the Stone Age with Deegoddesspalace Yoni Wash. Made with 99% water and plant based ingredients. Including Aloe Vera and Vitamin-e. Our Yoni Wash are gentle on your skin and will leave you feeling refreshed and ready for whatever the day brings.


We hated using chemical bathing soap for down there, so we created the plant based yoni wash specifically for cleaning your Vagina.

🥰 Maintain basic balance

🧼 Eliminate peculiar smell and harmful bacteria

❤️ Help relieve menstrual cycle/cramps



Thanks to the Aloe Vera in our daily feminine wash, it not only helps fight odor but also promotes softness while keeping it moisturizedto keep your yoni soothed and feeling fresh no matter where you are. 

  • FRAGRANCE-FREE FEMININE WASH: Designed for your vaginal wellness, our yoni wash for women includes natural ingredients that will help you keep your most sensitive area clean, fresh, and protected all day long!
  • WITH FRIENDLY INGREDIENTS: Deegoddesspalace  vagina wash for women is free of harmful chemicals to give you a simple, ph-balancing formula infused with kinds of natural extracts! It contains no sulfates, dyes or fragrances!
  • PH-BALANCED FOR YOU: Alkaline Care products can throw your pH out of balance. Use the ph balance feminine wash to keep your sensitive area healthy, clean and fresh day after day without disrupting their natural pH balance.
  • CLEAN, CALM & HYDRATES: The natural rose scent removes odors. Coconut oil, jojoba oil, aloe vera extract & lavender oil in intimate wash help to support feminine care, relieve vaginal dryness and itching, leaving your secret garden smooth and hydrated!
  • MADE FOR ALL WOMEN: Formulated safe for all skin types. The pH balance for women wash make you feel good and confident anytime! The vagina wash for good smell keeps you feeling comfortable everyday!

Perfect For:
✨Removing unwanted odors
✨Maintaining a healthy pH balance
✨Absolute cleansing to feel spotless!
✨Achieving a truly amazing scent and taste
✨Spicing things up for extra stimulation and lubrication

Product information


  • When you are in the shower, squeeze your desired amount of the gel into your hands.
  • Remember a little bit of our yoni wash goes a long way!,
  • Begin to wash the vulva thoroughly but gently with your fingers.
  • Be sure not to put it inside the vagina.
  • Rinse out with water and be sure to wash out any excess gel.