Brightening Acne Facial Soap

Brightening Acne Facial Soap

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Get Clean and Clear Skin

Bar soap designed to address hyperpigmentation all while cleaning deep within the pores and address dead skin cells all while forcing them to dry out to release

 Brightens, tighten, firms, moisturize and clear dark spot from the skin.Its very good for anti wrinkles and rough skin. Its glows the skin to the extreme. Smoothens and soften skin to give you a tender looking glowing skin. job.

Main Function
1. Acne Treatment
2. Anti-allergy, Moisturizing and repair.
3. Control oil, Detox
4. Clear discoloration
5. Black under eye


Step One

Wet hands rub soap until later. Apply to skin all over including around eyes. 

Step Two

Remove immediately with a soft hot wet cloth wiping in circular motion until all product is removed or rinse well with clean luke Warm water.


Salicylic Acid, Collagen, Triclosan, Glycerin, Essential oils, Fragrance


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