Deegoddesspalace is a USA Skincare, Beauty and Wellness company. We commenced operations in Brooklyn, NY in 2020, after it was duly registered under the State of New York in 2021.

Our company started out with the MD/CEO running the company from her room as the only staff. However, over the past 3 years we have grown significantly with a huge Customer base, as evident through our social media pages and dedicated distributors all over the world.

 Deegoddesspalace is a company that grew from having one staff in a one room shared apartment to one that has a standard building and owns its own ultra-modern corporate business space in the heart of New York.

Deegoddesspalace’s commitment to human capital development, outstanding customer experience as well as leverage on Technology has carved a niche for us in the Skincare, Beauty and Wellness industry. We have a culture of adapting well to changes which is why we have remained a fast-growing company in New York.

Our corporate philosophy ‘let your skin do the talking’ stems from the realization that you can feel confident and beautiful where ever you find yourself, without a cover up because your natural skin becomes its own “make-up”. Our skincare products and wellness services do not only make you look and feel better, it also makes you look radiant, healthy and younger.



Deegoddesspalace products are made from harmless, organic ingredients which have no side effect. Our focus are mainly to research on and produce effective skincare products to suit all skin types. Therefore, irrespective of your skin type and color, there is a product available for you in Deegoddesspalace. 

We believe you should never need to settle - So we spent years creating vegan & clean formulations that perform as well as conventional beauty products yet never compromise on the luxurious experience.

We operate our retail services and further enhance the availability of our products in various parts of the world through our social media platforms, mobile app, website and over 29 distributors across the globe.


We are pioneers who believe in transformation without compromise.

We are changing the way you shop beauty by providing a combination of natural, vegan ingredients with high end.

With Deegoddesspalace you no longer need to choose between health and performance, you can have both.

Healthful ingredients & a luxury experience.